Mrs. Sally Winchell

Cattaraugus Co.
N. York


Aug 3 1827

Dearly Beloved Spouse

I will inform you where I am and what are my prospects of Sucess in business --

Samuel left the boat in which we came down a week ago to day he has been to Mr Whipples and yesterday he returned from Albany to the hill. Mr Whipple has moved to the beaver dam he is to meet me at Albany next monday when we shall be ready for business it will be 2 weeks before we can get home if nothing contrary happens --

be patient my love and consider how dear you are to me and you will think my husband will return as soon as possible. When I think of my beloved wife and darling son my heart swells with affection I often say to myself how does my my dear how is my little son I wish I could this moment press you to my fond heart and dandle my sweet boy as any loving father would. --

Give my darling child a kiss and say your father sent it to you and when I return I will give you fifty

I cannot say much mor than be as contented as possible till I return and I will try to mitigate your care

give my special love & respects to our mother & friends

you are are very dear to me my precious one words cannot express the love I have for you. when you consider this as true do not blame me if I should not be able to return so soon as your love for me should prompt you to desire

with sincere love I subscribe the name

of your Affectionate husband

John Winchell

John Winchell

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