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Mrs. Sally Winchell

Cattaraugus Co.
N. York

Black Rock

May 2 1826

Dearly Beloved Spouse

with a heart over flowing with love & gratitude I am ever yours. with regret I left you and with regret I inform you that this morning I am to take my departure for Troy I have been in health as usual I have had good luck thus far and have faith to believe my good fortune will be continued Parker & Clarke are both on board & in good health Remember the love I bear you remember me as a friend and a protector if it were in my power and as a loving Husband. My blessing be with you and may the blessings of God be with you

Give my love to Our Mother My love for her is great but for my second self still greater it is useless to be lengthy when I come I will fill the whole story

And believe me ever and faithfully your

Affectionate friend and companion

John Winchell

To Sally Winchell

B. Rock

Juni 26. 1826

Dearly Beloved Spouse

I would inform you that through the mercies of providence I have been permitted to return Safely to this place And would likewise inform you that I cannot come to see you until I have made another trip to troy -- -- --

If you are in health and are ready and willing to accompany us the next trip I shall be happy to have your company it will be delightsome

If your situation is so as to permit your will come with Clarki who has his instructions --

If your mother wishes to go she will come also you told me you did not wish your mother to go when you did you must decide that yourself

Act prudently as to your health you know what I refer to and you have my approbation in any thing your judgment prompts you to if consistent

I send you 1 picor Sheeting 1 pr shoes 11 Yds ticking 5 lbs Cotton yarn You will be so kind as to write if you should not come give my respects to mother ... her every thing you think I would tell her And remember you have my most profound esteem for ever more

John Winchell

18 3/4

Mrs. Sally Winchell

Cattaraugus Co.
N. York


Augt 12th 1826

Dearly Beloved Spouse

I seize this opportunity to inform you of my arrival at Troy I have had very poor health principal part of the time since I left you I had simptoms of the ague and when I thought I was recovered I had the ill luck to receive a blow to the side from the crank of a paddle gate to a lock which will probably trouble me some time as I am not yet able to move very quickly and with difficulty I expect to return to Buffalo shortly and if nothing of importance prevents you may expect to see me by your side. How happy shall I be when the time shall come when I can be in your company a portion of every day O absent friends you are near to my heart if not to my person may the god of health and mercy protect you from every evil. O! Sacred friendship without they endearing influence this world is nothing to me --

But if I am blessed with health & properity I shall stay with my best beloved as much as possible. --

Give my love to Mother she is very dear to me She is my friend & I respect & love her -- -- --

That you may be blessed with health is the prayer of

Yours esteemedly John Winchell

12 1/2

Mr. John Winchell

Chautauqua County
N. Y.


Dec. 20th 1826

D Sir

this will inform you that I have got a fine Chance for you, in a store in this village Mr Davison a young man who is doing a goods business I spoke to him when I first came to the place & he expected a young man from Ontario last evening he informed me that he wishes me to write to you immediatly & have you come if you receive this time enough Come this week don't fail for I have pleaded myself for you If you & he agree & truly he say he will give you Employ as long as you please the store is about six rods from the one I am in Asa can tell you some thing of it John don't fail for I think it is a fine Chance for you leave your School immadially

I mentioned $12.00 pr. month this winter which he will give I am dear Sir

Yours in haste

Thos Klumph

John Winchell

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