Robert Davies' Journal

Sixth Tour


Aug 10 to 14, 1820

On Thursday Aug 10, 1820 I proceded to Margate on board the steam boat from the tower stairs, which we left about 9 A M it being low water, with a complement of 230 persons of all denominations. The novel effect of being propelled along on the glassy surface by the power of steam with scarcely any motion being produced seemed scarcely to give the idea of an aquatic excursion.

The noble stream was heavily burdened with various craft.

The curious windings of the river discovering to view masts of vessels as it were inland & the noble dock yards stretched along its bank & the Noble structure of Grenwich Hospital, rearing its lofty head along the banks add renown to its founder & a happiness to oceans sons.

Various were the towns, situated along its banks; some for trade, some for beauty of retirement & others of fashionable summer retreat. Amongst the latter was South End, a fashionable watering place. The beautiful terrace situated on the cliffs, adds beauty to the town & is a handsome ornament, attracting the eye of the Margate passengers.

After some hours of delightful propelling along the water we arrived at Margate about 7 O Clock in the evening being a distance of 100 miles.

The accomodations aboard the Favorite were very superior; every thing is done to make the passengers comfortable. Breakfast and dinner is provided. The former 1/6 the latter 2/6.

Books of every kind are provided.

The following are the various items and price attending the conveyance.
Putting on board-- 6
Passage15 --
Music & 1 --
Breakfast1 .. 6
Dinner2.. 6
Landing at Margate1--if they cannot get to the pier
After staying at Wrights York Hotel a few days I returned to London by the Majestic Steam Vessel & partook of all the comforts on board & enjoy'd a repetition of scenery, grand in apperance, having the sloping hills on each side of the river richly covered with a golden harvest.

Absent from Home four days and spent the enormous sum of £5.12.6.
Propelled by Steam200 miles
Walked at Margate & its Environs 50
Expended 5.12.6

Robert Davies

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