The top entry for each day is dream.
Below ----- is real life.
Misspellings have been retained.
[] indicates notes written later.

October 28

Listening to Beethoven's Fifth "Going Forward" symphony.

October 21


Leave Tony.

September 28

Going to some institution for insane, sort of like college. I walked along path by some dormatories with glass windows, looking for one with name S--, where Carl was. I tapped on the window of his room, and his roommate, a dark boy, looked out. I got him to tell Carl to come to the next window. I looked at him, and his face was sad and distant, yet I thought we might still be able to talk.


Waldophus' birthday.

September 26

Gabriel: "Pastoren."

September 10



September 9


Jamaica Queens.

Larry beats me in chess.

Wendee gives gossip.

Wendee & Larry

September 5


Washington Heights [Alanon meeting]

August 21


Penguin [pen--Donald's birthday gift to me]

August 20


Return from Jamestown.

August 11

Plant women. If she stabs man twelve times he will die. But if he catches her she splits into two.

July 10

Leo & Theodore.

Reading the first five pages (in mixed order).

Moved by their unavoidable fate.

The council building, 2265.

July 4


Here we are.

June 16


Car discovered.

my intrepid bug

June 8


Car lost.

my intrepid bug

June 7


Lleellaatt's birthday.

May 28


Sky Rink

Pat shows me forward and backward swizzles.

We see Leif & Shizuko.

Pat walks with them along Hudson.

May 27


Shopping Spree I with Pat.

Wendee's car goes better without suitcases.

May 26


"City Lights"

May 24


"Another morning
Another day
Another crisis." -- D.M.

Cwang Hong

May 23

Nightmares until two.

Go to Y.

May 22


La Guardia.

May 21


Talks with Evelyn, the "Flying Mathematician."

May 16


Last night at Y.M.C.A.

May 15


Find job at Popular Library.

May 14


Go to Y.

April 17


Loss of Pheasant Box and "Genius" [book by N.D.M. Hirsch] has given me a great idea.

April 15


Drive to Boston.

April 6

Thomas Jefferson.

April 6

Circus. Coakiroe's daughter Octavia performs.

April 5

Man hates Indians because wife and child were killed. Goes around killing them.

April 2


Shizuko: You sure know how to disturb other people with your own anger.

Bonnie: I can't help... How can I contain myself?

Leif: Just be the set of all sets and you'll contain yourself.

April 1

Falling without parachute. Being saved somehow.

March 31


Pat and I and Leif come to New York meet Shizuko.

Hungarian restaurant.

Shizuko & Pat

March 29

Crossing to new life.


Leif makes game.

March 28


Niagara Falls.

We reach Boston.

Pat's apartment.

Cook lambchops.

March 27


Leave Illinois.

Camp by Lake Erie.

March 26



I play some viola.

playing the viola

March 25



March 24



March 23


Force field in library.

March 22


We reach Monmouth.

March 21


I get upset.

March 20



Leif and I start out.

Reach Idaho.

Coyotes howl in snowy mountain.

March 18


Nokorimojo is leftovers in Japanese.

Les restes.

I lie around with Talo. [cat]

March 17


In Portland.

March 16


Manhattan Motel. [Redding, California]

March 15

Story of rising house. The boy's conflict.

Dream of taking room to myself at Prospect Street. [Honolulu]

Painting for Wonder Dome.


Frogs singing in darkness all around, loud as birds. Horses whinnying at the door.

March 14


Think: Salipti in Tlazolovich's garden.

March 12


At the ranch...

March 11


We have too few emotions compared to things that trigger them. It should be one to one. (Exiøksen)

March 10


Perhaps intelligence is related to distinction distance. If you get kicked eating oathay do you still like oathay. Our goal is to not associate our feelings with what happens then. Telephone.

March 9


Ornj. [the ranch]

the ranch

March 8

I have two-headed baby. Must rerun birth for ceremony.

Enemies torture test must revive with five heads.

One great wounded already. Only gets one. Hopeless...

March 7


Coakiroe in window of Tlazolovich talking "som dreng" [like a boy] "A deep smile."


Start "Lleellaatt's Autobiography."

March 5

Painting "Salamano in Rain Forest."

March 3

Golden Chiglets.

Coakiroe's artificial heart valve (blk. & white).

Expedition across the sea. Leader Thor (Salipti) brother Odin (C) two women. Russian, Chiski Napoleon. All drown except Thor and one woman.

In the year T93.

March 2


Coakiroe picture

Coakiroe at airport

February 27


Coakiroe's birthday

February 11


Into the night I go
My eyes wide open
My heart trembling
My mouth humming
Blood trickling
Legs shrinking
Abdominal muscles undulating
...passion of the sea...

the sea