The top entry for each day is dream.
Below ----- is real life.
Misspellings have been retained.
[] indicates notes written later.

August 25


Miss Prissca

Miss Prissca

August 12


Today she ate me.


August 11


I'm Kempalo the buffalo.
I fought with a bull, a hippopotamus, a few bears, another hippopotamus and another bear and beat them all. So Sen. Bonniefaca ate them.

July 20


Clem wins 21 more points for cat. G. names it Clemintine

Our Prize

July 17


Clifford B. Case: [I had recorded all the "ation" words and mentions of "Other People" by speakers at the convention.]
emancipation proxcimation administration administration limitation discrimination

Tom B. Curtis:
conotation legdislation

Edward A. Brook:
Transformation declaration nation nation realization

Jacky Robinsen
and the hopes that they would join the Other People nomination delegation

Sen. Deleblak:
deliberation nation nation's nation

John Lindsey:
reperwation obligation ledgislation

Willie McCogg:
consideration implication implication

Sen. Penn:
Delegation delegation

Thurston B. Morton:

Delegation delegation delegation delegation situation

interpretation delegations delegation

organization organization presintation

Chris Herder:
continuation information recomondation


Everett M. Dirksen:
organization nomination nations nations nations nomination

Clare Booth:
nation nomination nomination

congradulations convtion

July 16


Worridan wins $19:60 in the second race
Glenn spends my money on his horses.
Och's Thrills and Worridan both had bandages OT a filly.


July 14


Investigation by the Sen on Sen. Kefaever begins
Estes Kefaever
Senior Senator from Tennessee 1944-1962(3)
1954 hearings on Juvenile Delinquincy
1956 Investigation of Oil-men

July 13


Horses: [at racing game at Pacific Ocean Park]
Clem........Glenn's or C's
Gen. Duke...Wendee's
Tony Lee....Corey's

39 points

July 10

Genial Ruler

July 5


These marks made by Groverton sun-room pen


July 4


The great Rock predicts appearance of firecrackers from behind hill.
W., C. started first

the great Rock

June 27


The Opæl has kejser feet!

Fru Gimsing stuffed us up!
Hr. Gimsing was there too. Then we drove to the airport to get on the plane
when we got to Dulles the Haines were there! Fancy that!

I saw six morris mascots (red) in a half hour going to the København airport
At the London airport I saw three in five minutes. But none in Am.

The Haines

June 25


Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye boxes!


June 24


The morning the last day at Øregård
Tonight we packed till we got sore!

empty house

June 23


Off the pedals come, ho--
the bonfires light the sky, o

Die See Godt. got taken apart and packed only the frame + the chain was left.

Frk. Halstrup: black motorthing
Inspector: blue car, or feet
Mossing: feet or bycicle
Rømhild, Scooter E>E> 10 788
P.P. Red Morris Mascot .808
Mertz: Red+white opel K. 30.288

June 22


We went a-cycling near + far
+ then Die See Godt was taken apart

We cycled to Emdrup Mosevey got lost twice. We passed Tuborgwej and went wrong way on Emdrup vey.

Corey rang on the doorbell _ A. Sm.'s I tried once. A gardener was there. We saw Lilholt's car at Ø.G. when we cycled back.

June 21


On ev'ry single tree
a notice we see

June 20


2 na,na I can make today
hip hip hip hooray!

June 19


To Tivoli we went Hic
+ lots of Money spent Hic

June 18


We were all free today
from school that will say

June 17


Down the Collying
diddling dallying dallying

June 16


We went shuga shuga shiro
to see the reception

June 15


al around the town we went
think of all the dough we spent

June 14


For soft ice we went out
+ looked in all the shops about

June 13


Today was Bonnie's Packing day
we packed my rug + glob away

World Globe

June 12


Up to the tandlæge fyt fyt fyt
væsegod--du må gerne spyt.

June 11


The gang has the Mertz deep with
Østerby we're sure will follow us over the ocean

June 10


Today was the test in Fysik
The next is tysk o squeak!


June 9


Horses, Cats,
Little bratch

June 8


Who is in the box?
A little cute red fox!


June 7


Twinkil twinkil Little star
Flat Flat wonder what you are

June 6


Saturday night at the strand
with the pink panther on hand

June 5


A warm + windy day
Some records we did play

June 4


Wazirus, George + Crockett hear
drums from far + drums from hear

June 3


This is the way we go t'examine
so early in the mornin'

June 2


Scratch Schratch Schratch
Goes my little bratch

viola playing

June 1


We finally got that old g-string
but I couldn't tighten it up a thing!

May 31


We followed our scheduals closely today
but saw a film anyway

May 30


Fru Szilas + Morten + her mother
for a tea party come over

May 29


The table + icebox, away they go
+ the Kejser rode Wildyn through the snow

May 28


Selling, selling ev'rything
some come, some just ring

My clock?

May 27


The last exam was matamatiic
hippety hoo + squeak squeak squeak

May 26


Tærsk tærsk! The gauk comes!
+ when it does I runs!

May 25


Refarat stil after 9
Money-making prettier time

May 24


We played badmiton
All day in the shinning sun


May 23


Today it was terribly hot
we walked + walked + walked

May 22


Grey in the morning blue afternoon
I made a fat-head who is not a loon.

May 21


Caramel throwing at Trannegård
we played Monopoly on the board

May 19


Today turned out to be big throw-away day,
Although we hadn't planned it that way

May 18


I went to the land of Corey [I jumped out his window and hurt my back.]
+ D.M. read Charle's storey

May 17


At the Vestergård's we stayed the day
+ roamed on boulders large + gray.

boulders by the sea

May 16


Throwing pincones underground
Throwing pinecones all around

plastic pinecones

May 15


Fodball kamp på Maglegård
Vi tog et par billeder af Sleepy Cigar

Sleepy Cigar

May 14


The animals go slide around
+ Outside rain Momy says came down

May 13


Today it was so very very hot
The last day with Gitte like it or not

May 12


A fine late day in the month of may
+ the sweet spring smell in the air, hooray!

May 11


Wendee went out + lost her way
+ we all are waiting for money-making day

May 10


to Tivoli we shall go today
+ see the russian sailors play

May 9


the ninth is a very important day
at least it's supossed to be anyway

May 8


Raining, raining everywhere
--we're soaked through 'fore getting there


May 7


Invintory fixing day
+ Morten birthday hiphooray!

May 6


Candies flying left + right!
What a great concert tonight!

May 5


What's the geust's name? I've clean forgot
If you can't guess this person you're worse than I thought

May 4


The beanutbutter Corey brought at last
Though soaked right through while cykling homeward fast

May 3


Today was little clean-up day
So many things to throw away

May 2


17 marbles roll down the track
Tor is in office with all of his pack

May 1


Wendee and Corey got free, tee hee
The new inspector they did not see

March 4


It was sunny and it snowed.

March 3


Great cold war between the Opäl and the Yeroc monster. The Coreylanders want to stop it. The Opäl won't. Why not? Coreylander sees Kejser Pipplewick to find the answere.

February 13


Today is Monday in Coreyland, nothing but. There is a thieh monday club in Coreyland called "Faisca" on 2-25 P. Drive. W.L.ers and B.L.ers can join too.

February 12


Lachery says: "You see that we are getting some more snow now and that's probably how it will be all Feburary. It's fine, though I don't like opposing my good friend. Thankyou for letting me speak."


February 10


Wendee didn't like catchup last year, but she likes it now. Strange, isn't it?

Yesterday it became known that S.C. teaches O.R. means Sleepy Cigar teaches orientation

Sleepy Cigar