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September 22?

I was standing there, and this body came to get me. When I looked in the mirror I saw that I looked just like the body who came to get me and carried me off to the graveyard, where the celebration of the gravedigging began.

This celebration took place every time there was a new body to be buried. There were about ten graves already. The first in row was the first to be buried and there was an inscription around it. I watched while they dug into the dirt about nine inches and formed my grave. Then they laid me in it and placed a transparent plastic cover over me. The cover was about one and a half feet tall. The grave was very comfortable and I could lie in any position and look out. I saw other

September 1


Longles had gone

July 26


Old campers stunt night

old campers stunt night

July 24



campfire night?

July 23


I arrived at camp.

The Camp Appalaichia riding ring

July 20


Smokey had four kittens.

Smokey (and Saucey)

July 11


My parents leave in the Hilman.

the Hilman (and the Porsche)

July 10


Everybody had their shots today.

July 7


I spent the day making paper birds.

July 4


We set off fireworks.

July 2


The Japanese came to visit us.

Kyoko, Corey, Virginia...

July 1


We visited Camp Appalachia

Camp Appalachia banner