January 2005


The top entry for each day is dream.
Below ----- is real life.

January 24

"Dunkel ist das Leben, ist der Tot."

Reflecting that life really is far better and far worse than we can imagine. I walk through the city at dawn, an unending city in a TV series about the best and worst of life. The protagonist can't have a companion, though he can show the same love to everyone he encounters. I decide that he could have a sidekick. In one episode, Thermeon and Riverrock are captured as they greedily pluck and eat the ripe grain in a field below cliffs.


Louise's car started without trouble.

I shoveled the back and front of the store--whatever the plow had left. There was half again as much snow here as at home. I waded through snow in the park.

Icicles on the store sign

January 23

My dreams were unpleasant reflections of the National Geographic article I read about the Soviets sinking the Gernman refugee ship in World War II.


Cold and snowy. Louise and Deb did most of the shovelling. I just made a path to the garbage cans and the kitty door and some of the sidewalk. All the cats were crazy, but Pif most of all. Quandara reclassed, then got a surprise double xp; made level 15.

Our cars in the snow

January 22

Image of huge kites that waft you from island to island.


We get eleven and a half inches of snow. Louise arrived home from campus before it started and pulled into the driveway.

Snowy night

January 21

Movie about a man with pool toys who makes underwater phone calls.


Louise had trouble starting her car, so we ran a hair dryer out to it, and she warmed the engine.

January 20

Dark-haired Kostia is returning to Albania, her homeland.

A bunch of us pile into the car with Vryce at the wheel.

Standing up in the back seat, I cry, "I love it when Mike drives!" then he whooshes us down and up the hills to show off.

"Don't encourage him," Kostia says.

January 19

The King of a small country tries his son for the same crime some other guy was tried for, but his son won't shout his innocence. The King wavers. "Should I ab-" he begins, then the dais tips over, throwing him and the Queen into a storeroom.

An opportunistic woman seizes the throne. "I'll show you how to execute someone," she says. "Just pull the switch!"


Louise's car won't start in the cold, and she runs to her van pool without hat, gloves, or coat.

January 18

Thermeon and Quintillion visit a country inhabited by living vehicles. Quintillion has trouble dealing with machines, but Thermeon tells him that he just relates to them as he does to other living creatures.

The boss in a huge airship has ruled New York City since the cataclysm. He's always sending his people out on intrigues, and retrieves them in floating reed boats.

A college where students are shackled pigs until they graduate.


Quandara reaches level thirty.

January 17


I start Tara chapter 10.

January 16


Finished Tara chapter nine.

January 15

A cataclysm shakes ancient temples in South America, where Apheleo Teotar presides. His people spew blue feathers into the air to mimic the smoke of offerings to the gods.

January 14


A rainy day. I'm home, taking up Tara chapter nine again. Also did a solo trade run with Quandara.

January 12


Ben returns to campus.

January 11

Green and yellow whale people.


I took down the Christmas lights and tried to clean the algae from the front of the house, started Cao Cao on Dynasty Tactics, leveled Quandara, and made up a mock cover for TARA OF THE TARPITS.

Ben tried another trade run.

Tara of the Tar Pits

January 10


Ben and I do some Med trade runs, learning about lions, pigs, and wolves.

January 9

Someone catches a huge fish and puts it in the bathtub where it swims around madly trying to escape.


After reading most of EMPRESS OF THE CODE I fall asleep and dream that I'm on another planet, looking at a system that launches a purple spaceship. I note that the alien sky looks very different from Earth's sky. Everything looks sparkly clear. I can see airplanes far far away.

Ben and my mother have already left our vacation spot in Pennsylvania when Louise announces that she's leaving too. "I don't want to stay here all by myself!" I cry, and in a fit of pique toss my lemon ice cream and Louise's lemon crushed ice onto the floor.

I decide to leave on Tuesday, then realize I won't be at work on Monday, and I haven't told anyone at the store I won't be there.

"Can't they do without you?" my mother asks.


As I awake looking at the New Year's banner, I'm amazed


I revamp Puflet, Ifiona, and Quandara's roles in the Empire, with a view to some changes in EMPRESS OF THE CODE.

Run to second road.

January 8


Louise goes skating in Spring Lake with Carrie and Matt.

Quandara makes her Crown of Proximation for AQ.

January 7

I'm living in an apartment in a huge store with waterfalls. Playing my Glinka loud, I worry briefly about disturbing others.

As I go out my steps falter, and Aggie points out the heel on my shoe which has slipped. I peel it off.

May Todd Lincoln went on all fours at times.

January 6


Jingles brings in a live sparrow and releases it. I try to get it to fly out the door, but I don't see where it goes. Then I have to go to work. Deb sees it before she goes to school. No one else sees it.

January 4

In the story, a man and his wife are walking their baby in a stroller and not paying enough attention as horse carts pass. Gypsies come from the right, landing in the stroller, and want to read the child's fortune.


Quokisa became co-leader of the Guardians of Hell's Gates.

January 3


My old, bent fish died.

January 2

Mary is a great poet. She wrote "Red Rack" about rocks.

January 1


The two Andys, Ben, Louise, and I xp'd in Yldari.

Our guests leave.

A lovely, mild day. I run to zoo.