January 5, 1985

Today Ben went out in his first snow. He had on his blue coat with the red soldiers, blue pants with red knee-patches, and red boots that Louise wore last year (and they year before). He held onto my hand and we walked around the front yard and over where the garden was. Sometimes the snow was to the top of his boots.

Then he wanted to go into the back yard, so I took him through the house and out back. Again he held onto my hand and led the way across the yard, past the redwood set, the swingset, and into the corner, looking everything over, very solemn. He turned around, looked at his snow-covered slide for a moment, and then led the way back to the house.

Louise was out with Daddy, shopping, then to feed the geese in Johnson Park. This morning she went round to all the windows shouting, "Sto! Oh joy! There is sto! Sto on the roof! A sto-roof! Oh joy!"