January 1981


The top entry for each day is dream.
Below ----- is real life.
Misspellings have been retained.
[] indicates notes written later.

January 4

Farm agitator baby tries to convince Toysarus magician to strike but he replies "It really matters what you do" and "It's better to sack Elay than to pushover Elee (get off early)."

prev: prof moves into small apt like I used to have.

I have to get Hg. because VP is incompetent. Taw's married name.


We stop by folks after church
Feed deer in cold Johnson Park.

Watch Oakland beat Cleveland on frosty field, Dallas beat Atlanta in playoffs.

January 3



We stay in watching playoff games. I work on "B of B'

bern does bowling statistics


Letter from Wendee

January 2

Woman chooses good over evil. I redecorate my room, hang new paintings

Bern D. "Harlem Hospital Fund Raising" monochromatic movie with 1920's cars. He purchases three eggs wrapped in handkerchief.


Fight about who goes to store.

Clear, thirty, clouds rushing by.

Have insight on "B of B" in shower.

Elly + Larry come over for Chinese dinner.

We drive along together to Bowling.

Our team wins four. Linda has sniffles and rolls 199 in first game. I roll 142 in last game. Bern + Bob do okay too.

20's car

January 1

Going to several masses in outdoor Beverly Hills church. Wendee sits beside me.


Snow flurries.

We go to church, stop by folks.